"Folies" country mansions

In the late XVIIth century, Montpellier's prospering elite began to build elaborate manors in the countryside surrounding the city. Established among the leaves in wooded gardens, these magnificent properties became known as "folies", after the French word "feuille" for leaf.
Château de Flaugergues
Château de Flaugergues, the most original Montpellier folie, with its main facade and two lateral pavilions overlooking a tiered garden lined with vineyards.
Château de la Mogère, a classic Montpellier folie whose park was transformed into an English garden in the last century, then rebuilt as a French-style garden according an ancient map of the grounds.
Château de la Mosson is without a doubt the most famous folie because of its unusual destiny. Construction began in 1723 and was completed in 1729. The chateau was taken apart and lost its wings starting in 1744.
Château de la Piscine, is an elegant manor whose facade overlooks a two-level courtyard. Its south façade opens out onto a magnificent view of a French-style garden with monumental vases and statues.
Château d'Alco, a typical Montpellier rural villa whose main building is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The nearby Château d'O is widely known for its vast park, a band of green punctuated by exceptionally fine fountains, representing a true museum of the art of gardening in the XVIIIth century.
Château de l'Engarran is considered as the most feminine and most baroque of the Montpellier folies, with the rounded edges of its central edifice flanked by graceful wings. The garden is composed of lateral beds and groves, with a pond, water terrace and fountain and sculptures intact after several centuries.
Hôtel Haguenot : Built by Jean-Antoine Giral for professor Haguenot, this « country house » surrounded by a fountain filled garden of 2000 m², offers an exceptional gypsery decor.


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