Peyrou the royal square

The Peyrou esplanade with its panoramic view, towering statue of Louis XIV, Arc de Triomphe, water tower, and the ancient arches of a Roman aqueduct, Les Arceaux.

The Peyrou -the royal square- boasts a belvedere that gives a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area, which Jean Giral, the architect, completed in 1774, the date of Louis XVI's accession to the throne.

Place Royale du Peyrou © Céline Escolano
On the outskirts of the Ecusson (the name given to the historic center because of its shape), the Promenade du Peyrou, laid out to contain the statue of Louis XIV on horseback, is one of the favourite places of the people of Montpellier. The arc de triomphe and thechâteau d'eau (water tower), extend into the aqueduct and are models of classical.


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